How to Make an Easy DIY Wall Hanging with Yarn – A Quick & Easy DIY

Have your dowel, your yarn out, and your scissors ready to go. Here is some mint yarn if you want the same look as mine, or some chunky black yarn looks amazing too (I did about 5 different colours because I loved these hangings so much!). If you want that natural, boho look then this cream yarnwould be perfect.

A Quick & Easy DIY

Grab your yarn, hold the loose end in one hand, and start to wrap the skein around your arm. Do this loop 10 times (fewer if you have really thick yarn), and cut the string after your last loop around and put the skein down.

Once you have that done, grab your scissors and snip the rest of the yarn that is wrapped around your hand. Basically, you end up with 10 pieces of yarn cut to the same length (but keep them folded in half for the next part).

Basically, you end up with 10 pieces of yarn cut to the same length

That chunk of yarn you just cut to size will make up your first yarn knot on your dowel.

This step is a little tricky to write out, so it’s best to look at the photos here as you go.

Basically you’re going to keep your yarn folded in half, and then set your dowel on top. Pull the yarn ends through the top loop, pulling it down tight to create a knot.

Do steps 3 and 4 as many times as you need to in order to fill up your dowel, leaving a bit of space on either side. If you are using thick yarn, you’ll need fewer knots. If you are using thinner stuff (like this mint yarn in my example), then you will have more knots. I had 10 in total for the mint DIY wall hanging.


Now you need to take some of that yarn, cut a long piece, and tie it to either side of your dowel, leaving enough slack in the piece so that it can hang from it. I doubled up my yarn to be sure it was strong enough to hold.


Now it’s the fun part. Hang up your new wall hanging, get out your scissors, and give that bad boy a haircut. I personally like the symmetry of having it be longer in the middle and shortening out to the sides. Find the middle knot (or two middle knots if you did an even number), then cut up from there. Don’t stress about it being perfect. Cut small amounts at first, and just even it out as you go.

The fun thing about these wall hangings is that you can embellish them however you want.

I had some of these brass metal rings, so I played with adding some to my hangings. You can use the rings to create a loop to hang them from…

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